Ouch! I Need Chiropractic Care and Massage

benefits of chiropractic

Did you know that the body heals itself via the central nervous system? Do you believe the body knows what it needs to be healthy and strong? What is your first line of defense?

Many people suffer from pain and discomfort resulting in head, neck and spine challenges. Then arthritis sets in…ugh! There are lots of pain meds available by prescription and OTC but what if your first choice could be a natural solution? No drugs, no risk of addiction and no side effects.

Perhaps chiropractic care is a new thought for you. Chiropractic is proven and has a 95% approval rate from satisfied clients who now live with less pain and greater mobility.

Falls, accidents of all kinds and activities that affect our muscles, bones and tendons can leave us damaged. Just think back when you were a kid – how many times did you fall off your bicycle? Did you fall when participating in sports? Those very incidents can create pain years and years later yet we never give much thought to the cause of our discomfort and pain.

Think about all the heavy lifting you’ve done. What about sleeping habits or repetitive motions? Do you have poor posture? There are so many avenues that create trauma to our muscles and our misaligned spine. These traumas usually go untreated until there is a crisis that demands that you pay attention and take care of the situation before it gets out of hand.

Bottom Line:  We need to care for our bodies before we become disabled.

Massage therapy before a chiropractic session of adjustment can actually lessen your pain. The massage relaxes tight muscles making the adjustment more effective. Massage helps soft tissue heal. The payoff…You will experience less discomfort as your joints and spine realign.

Of course, I’m speaking from experience and rediscovering less pain and discomfort has me smiling!