Quercetin is a Potent Natural Treatment

Quercetin has long been in my vitamin cabinet. I rely on it to combat inflammation as well as a deterrent to the common cold. Studies have suggested that this plant-based antioxidant can treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

According to Julius Goepp, MD there are three primary reasons to consume Quercetin for weight loss:

  1. Quercetin slows fat accumulation in existing human fat cells.
  2. It prevents new fat cells from maturing.
  3. It stimulates a process in the body that destroys existing fat cells, therefore reducing body fat stores.

This supplement has been widely studied alone and in combination with antiviral drugs. The results of these studies are published far and wide with regard to obesity and weight loss. Quercetin can suppress fat formation as it boosts fat burning and it can speed up weight loss as it “reprograms” your energy metabolism.

Supplementing Vitamin C with quercetin can boost the efficacy and effectiveness of this anti-viral, natural anti-histamine for a healthier immune function. This means the incidence of flu and other viruses may be lessened.

In a nutshell this amazing natural vitamin is tops – Quercetin reduces inflammation and inflammatory pain, lowers blood pressure, may prevent cancer, helps prevent brain deterioration, combats allergies and helps protect from heart disease.

Quercetin is found in plant-based foods. In fact, the top most quercetin-dense foods are all vegetables.

Here’s a partial list of veggies and fruits that are rich in quercetin:

Cilantro, asparagus, okra, onion, Serrano peppers, and kale

Cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, fig, Gala apples, red delicious apples

Granny Smith apples and Fuji apples.

Personally, I supplement with a one-a-day capsule from Life Extension. To super boost my immunity using this supplement, I add zinc, vitamin C, D-3, magnesium and NALC.

FYI – I am not recommending or suggesting that you take these supplements although Zev Zelenko, MD from NY advises and sells these very supplements.