Tired, lined eyes can be worse than a bad hair day. The good news is that the look of tired can be remedied by using exercise and products to nourish and refresh the very delicate eye area.

One tip is to never rub your eyes. Another tip is to use a fabulous eye cream twice a day to keep the under eye area hydrated. Always remove mascara at night – I like to use a sweeping motion from my eye lid out to the eye lashes. For puffiness, try drinking parsley tea or applying cool cucumber slices while you rest with your feet up.

The 100 circle exercise – page 11 of your Facial Magic Success Booklet – teaches you how to alleviate dark circles, tiredness and even puffiness. Use eye cream liberally for this exercise so that your fingertips glide around the undereye and under the brow.

Exercise #16 – Crow’s Feet – targets and strengthen the muscles surrounding the eyes. Just remember – thumbs in place, look to the ceiling, anchor, then flutter. Think about it…lifting and repositioning your eyebrows will refine the crow’s feet and temple area. These actions support and nourish your skin and muscles with oxygenated blood.