Thanksgiving Hacks

thanksgiving hacks

A Thanksgiving to remember…our 2020 Thanksgiving celebration may actually be more of a blessing than we can imagine. After all, this past year has brought us a health scare that has created distance between us, unexpected shut downs and as I write this, many of us are wearing masks each time we leave the house. These Thanksgiving hacks will help ease the stress of pulling off your celebration this year.

This year, our Thanksgiving celebration will proceed as best we can. Yes, we’re serving turkey and all the trimmings but our usual crowd of 30 hungry diners has been severely curtailed. Thankfully, in Oklahoma, we do not have the restrictions and mandates like other states but unfortunately, travel from distant states isn’t happening this time.

Preparing for the feast means starting five or six days in advance. There are desserts like fudge, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and pecan pie that can be made days ahead whereas mashed potatoes and gravy are finished minutes before the dinner bell has rung. If you’ve purchased a frozen bird, it needs to be thawed for at least three days before roasting and personally, I love to cook it in a cooking bag to alleviate the mess. Typically, we cook the turkey the day before Thanksgiving Day so we can cool the bird and remove it from its carcass.

The Thanksgiving menu has one new dish, one I’ve never made before but was introduced to it years and years ago while we were living in California. The recipe for German Red Cabbage was given to me by two women, Dee Dee Robertson and Bette Rae Rhinehart. I’m certain our guests will love it.

Here are 5 Thanksgiving hacks to help you smoothly pull off your celebration:

  1. Make a menu and make a list of all that you need to create your delicious dishes.
  2. Start early. Prepare items in advance that you can freeze for a few days before serving.
  3. Keep decorations to a minimum.
  4. Use a basic menu and delegate side dishes to be contributed by others.
  5. Stay calm.

Count your blessings. Be thankful for all that we have!