Update Your Smile!

Have you heard of the Snap-On Smile? OMG! What a transformation that can occur with a small investment in your over-all beauty. If you want a new smile, one that looks like you spent $$$$$ for a dazzling new look, see your dentist for impressions so that you can slip this appliance over your teeth. Seriously, this appliance makes you look like you’ve had a full mouth reconstruction!

How do I know about this? When I was living in California,  I fell in the shower March 12, 2013. Not just a little fall, but a fall that briefly knocked me out, broke several teeth, severely injured my elbows (I still can’t place my elbows on a hard surface) and crippled me for awhile. In fact, I was concerned that I might never walk again because I actually fell on my hip. Only my lawyer and my dentist knew how badly I was injured but I kept on – walking, working….

My dentist fitted me with a Snap-On Smile, he assured me that it would indeed look natural and it did. I wore that appliance as we began to rebuild my mouth and no one knew the difference!