Vitamin C Helps Your Skin Look Younger

There are three ways to enjoy the benefits of using Vitamin C. 

You can use it in a facial serum or you can ingest Vitamin C in a tablet or capsule and lastly, some health care providers provide Vitamin C through intravenous injection.

Vitamin C has many proven pluses. The body does not produce or store Vitamin C so you must use it daily for maximum protection against chronic inflammation and to protect your good health.  Personally, I like 1000 mg Vitamin C with rosehips from Trader Joe’s. Over the years Vitamin C has proven to adequately support my immune system while providing elasticity to my skin.

Topically, Vitamin C Serum is wonderful for brightening skin. Vitamin C Serum massaged into the skin will boost collagen production as it plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Will your facial skin feel thicker and more substantial? Likely!

Using Vitamin C Serum daily will hydrate your skin as it goes to work to diminish discolorations. Apply the Serum to freshly washed skin, massage it into your face, allow the preparation to fully be absorbed before proceeding to moisturizers, foundation and sunscreen.

Improving dull, dehydrated skin begins immediately when you use our Facial Magic Vitamin C Serum twice daily. You’ll see and feel the difference almost instantly.

High dose intravenous Vitamin C, administered by a health care professional, is an amazingly safe and effective avenue of treatment not only for cancer sufferers but this type of treatment immediately begins to treat infections, wounds, autoimmune diseases and more. I’ve had several of these “cocktails” and believe they always made me feel better, gave me energy and a sense of wellness. Vitamin C has no known detrimental side effects. No one has ever died from vitamin use.