Surgery – cutting perfectly healthy tissue is risky. No matter if that surgical procedure is on your face or on your body, there are innumerable risks involved that may or may not be known until years later.

Surgery sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Lay down, wake up and poof! altered… HA! Recuperation time, pain, drugs for pain, drugs to stop the risk of infection, time away from work and family, disappointment that the results are not pleasing. What else could go wrong?

Anesthesia has its drawbacks. The list of common side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sore throat, muscle aches and sleepiness. General anesthesia  can produce memory loss and confusion, dizziness, cognitive issues and more nausea and vomiting.  Oh joy!

And, what if there are surgery complications that require revision surgery?  More surgery! More assault on the brain and your body.

So bottom line, your pretty, natural face is a true asset. The good news is this:  Facial Magic will keep your face beautiful!  Without surgery, drugs or anything scary, facial exercise is your ticket to your best asset!