Why does worry and stress show on our faces?

It’s almost impossible to disguise worry and stress on our faces. We knit our brows to form those angry 11’s and our forehead can resemble an old time washboard as we lift and lower our brows in frustration and aggravation. Using our facial muscles this way is not beneficial and there are a couple of ‘tricks’ you can use to stop the formation of these lines and wrinkles.

First and foremost when a stressful situation develops, a few cleansing breaths, screams and pillow pounding can be helpful. These are best performed in private in a well-insulated room.

Stress can cause immense hunger. Taking a brisk walk will help relieve cravings for sweets or other fattening, calorie saturated comfort foods. Walk 10 minutes, if you’re still mad, stressed and anxiety filled, keep walking.

When we’re angry or worried we unconsciously suppress our immune system and cause all sorts of unhealthy hormones to release that affect our faces, hair, nails and especially our skin. Stress usually interrupts our sleep and that too can cause weight gain, dry skin and wrinkles.

Our faces do reflect what’s going on in our lives. Practicing Facial Magic facial exercise will relax a stressed, tired face. In hardly anytime at all, you will see and feel a positive difference in how you hold and mold your face. That’s why keeping a mirror at your desk is helpful…seeing your “resting face” frequently is very telling.