Look in the mirror – love what you see? Maybe yes, maybe no but one thing is for certain, if you’re seeing neck bands or the dreaded wattle, you’ll want to know that Exercise #10 will begin to change/revitalize/stop the look of those bulging muscles. From Week One to Week Four, those underlying muscles are strengthening so when you begin Week Five, the chin and lower lip area will respond. Slack, sagging skin can be revitalized on your chin, jawline, lower mouth and into the neck.

Over the years I’ve helped countless women who have tried to disguise their neck by wearing turtlenecks and scarves. Yes, it’s a dead giveaway that something is amiss when one is wearing a turtleneck in August. And, asking a woman to remove the scarf that she has cleverly wound around her neck is daunting. It’s revealing. So over a period of weeks, I am thrilled for my clients as they confidently retire the camouflage because their necks are in much better shape.

3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a womans platysma

Neck bands, neck cords, platysma banding – two muscles on either side of the neck that can become blatantly apparent when you reach a certain age. 

Loss of elasticity, especially in the face and neck, can make anyone appear older and muscle atrophy in the neck will accentuate the neck bands. The platysma muscle is a large heavy neck muscle. Isolating the neck bands involve the lower mouth and chin. Wrapping the lower lip around the bottom teeth before executing the movement creates the right amount of resistance to stop the protrusion of the neckbands and help correct the slackness in the neck area.