The SkinRehab dermaroller truly has helped transform my facial skin. My skin looks and feels smoother. Fine lines have literally been “rolled away” over the past few months. Here’s the deal:  you only have to use this product every six weeks. When I tell you more is not better, that is truth.

The 1.5 is the ideal needle length for mature skin. The process takes about 4 minutes or less to roll your face in specific directions…up and down, horizontally, and then diagonally in two directions. Oh sure, at first you might feel intimidated and think this type of beauty treatment is beyond your comfort realm but you control this little miracle worker in every way. Always clean it with alcohol before and after use.

The 2.0 version is designed for skin that has been wrinkled. Wrinkles are caused by repetitive motion. Wrinkles are caused by cascading facial muscles and over exposure to the sun.

I typically use the SkinRehab DermaRoller in the morning, followed with the Cell Renewal Cellular Repair Serum and the Apple Stem Peptide. I know you’ll love your results – roll away the fine lines and wrinkles!

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