Young Women Who Use Cosmetic Procedures Fare Better With Facial Exercise

Here is a recent article that I think you will find interesting – I wrote it to help men and women understand that you can begin right now to save your face without using anything harmful.  Exercise is natural and it works!


Many young women, those under the age of 30, flock to the cosmetic counters in droves so they can experiment with colors for every season, moods for evening and natural and not so natural looks for daytime. The kaleidoscope is very enticing as department store after department store, drug store after drug store, boutiques and cosmetic super-stores vie for sales of every type and kind of topical enhancements.

Fueled by slick, artful, colorful advertising in magazines and billboards, it is easy to understand how enticing the allure of beauty has permeated our lives.

There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to look as pretty as possible; after all, your face is your calling card, your power suit and for a very long time, it is a well-known fact that a beautiful face is a powerful asset – an asset that can propel a woman through the glass ceiling and beyond when her brains and iq transcend the stratosphere.

Sometimes the lines blur and the once easy-breezy attitude regarding aging begins to shift.

All of sudden, it seems, a trip to the cosmetic counter just isn’t enough. No matter which foundation, blush, eye shadow or mascara is used, visible signs of aging have appeared and nothing seems to work. All you want is to restore your once fabulous face and stop the droopy eyes, jowls and slightly sagging skin.

Perhaps drastic interventions such as injections of Botox, Restylane, Perlane, Juviderm, and Collagen have been considered. Even the thought of plastic surgery may seem attractive as worry and fear over the future of a once young looking face is indeed very real.

It is unfortunate that these invasive and risky procedures are considered viable to correct the visible signs of aging. Plumping and paralyzing, cutting and suturing do not stop or correct sagging facial muscles. Interventions of injections and surgery only temporarily mask aging.

When a young woman chooses these modalities first, she has forever changed the natural, youthful face she craves because injections, full of toxins and chemicals, are unnatural to the body and no one really knows or understands the long-term ramifications of using these untested drugs. The body does not readily integrate these foreign substances and your system begins to work very hard to rid the body of these toxins.

Once a person becomes a slave to nips and tucks or injections that plump and paralyze the facial features, it is unlikely that the face will ever look youthful; rather it is common that the face just looks “unnaturally done”.

Young women, heed this advice: if you want to maintain a youthful face stay out of the plastic surgeon’s office because once you go through that door, their job is to provide you with an alluring anti-aging menu to keep you as a patient for a very long time.

At first you may just acquiesce to deep cleaning and facials but it won’t be long until you have ‘graduated’ to more extensive procedures – like plumping and paralyzing – while laying out lots of cash for temporary fixes that may not produce the desired results.

What are your desired results? Don’t you just want to look like you did ten to fifteen years ago? Well, you can when you use facial exercise, a safe, no risk method that strengthens the facial muscles and rejuvenates the face.

Facial muscles support the facial skin. If you see loosening and sagging, it is because the muscles are softening and soon they will begin to pool into other muscles. This is when wrinkles will begin to form.

You may or may not know that facial muscles can elongate up to one half inch by the time your face is 55. We see the changes in our arms, waist, tummy, hips and thighs that began in our early 30’s. We learn to mask the flaws with clothing.

The best anti-aging defense for a face that is showing signs of fatigue via sagging facial muscles is the very pro-active, proven method of facial exercise that will lift tone and tighten droopy facial features.

Exercise works for the body and exercise can sculpt and contour your facial features.

Facial exercise is deep muscle conditioning that does not use contortions, twists, puckers and scrunches. If you scrunch or twist or contort your face hoping to see lifting and toning, you will be disappointed. This type of exercise may even increase and accentuate existing lines and wrinkles..

The type of exercise most beneficial for the face is isometric with resistance movements. This means you learn to position your thumbs and fingers to simply anchor the muscle. The next movement you learn contracts the muscle. The muscles respond by repositioning.

These easy movements that require only minutes a day to complete are valuable because once you learn the techniques, they are yours for life. Your face can look substantially younger in hardly any time at all when you use these face saving techniques.

For those of you who are searching the cosmetic counters, considering a risky procedure or even a nip, tuck, looking refreshed, radiant and natural is the most wonderful by-product of using facial exercise. You have the best advantage over aging with long lasting results and all without harm.