Everyone marches to a different drum. Some of you are night owls and others are Ben Franklin followers – you know, the early to bed, early to rise gals…I personally know one Facial Magic user who tried to exercise at the end of day. She was usually cross, super-tired and worn out from her stressful journalist profession. She quickly learned that mixing exercise with tv late at night hindered her facelifting progress. She rearranged her schedule to exercise much earlier in the day in front of her mirror, not the tv. Her confidence in her appearance is noticeable…she smiles!

There is another, a Georgia Peach named Bev, who locks herself away early in the morning to perform the routine before leaving her bedroom. She has developed an insanely youthful face!

Men and women have asked me that question for years and the pat answer is this:  Exercise only when you do not feel rushed to spend 22 minutes by yourself, uninterrupted, with your thumbs and fingers in front of your mirror.

That sounds easy but I know how interruptions happen frequently. Telephone, kids, email, deliveries, knocks on the door, etc…Find a quiet place, position the photo of yourself that you love taken 20 years ago near your mirror and put on your gloves. If you’re exercising with me online, the routine is completed in less than 35 minutes. Jackie Silver and I can complete all 18 exercises in about 22 minutes – no talking, just exercise.

Results will come. Be consistent. Take photos of your face every three weeks. I like to take a break about 11:00 a.m. for my Facial Magic tune-up. Quick, easy and oh so uplifting! No pun intended!