What would I look like if I didn’t perform the Facial Magic routine? When I first discovered this face saving exercise program my left eyelid was sitting on my eyelash and there was loosening skin under my chin, a wattle was developing and I had no control over either of those features. My confidence was waning and I didn’t want to look old. Ever.

Tightening your facial features requires that you first learn the Facial Magic exercise secrets. Trying to do only a few exercises (spot exercises) here and there is going to leave you disappointed. The routine is easy – you will learn two exercises each week for nine weeks. Performing each exercise six days in a row in the beginning is exactly what’s needed to ensure that results will come. As you know, consistency is your ticket to wearing a younger looking face. I only perform the exercises once or twice a week now that my face is fully lifted.

From the inside out the results you desire will develop. Don’t be discouraged. Remember, your face did not fall overnight. These precise and deliberate exercises will lift, tone, reposition and tighten your facial muscles. It won’t be long until the changes you feel are actually showing on your face. That’s why photo documentation at the end of every third week of exercise is beneficial. Just remember, you, too, can look 10 – 15 years younger in just weeks! Promise!