A Bad Hygiene Habit to Stop!

There’s nothing wrong with being a germ freak or a clean freak. In fact, science has proven over and over again that simple, clean habits such as frequently washing our hands and brushing our teeth twice a day goes a long way to keep us healthy.

Think of all the wonderful things you do for your body…you exercise, you eat sensibly, your weight is maintained and basically, you do everything to benefit your good health except this one health robbing act – you flush the toilet before you have closed the lid…you must close the toilet seat before you flush!

The simple act of closing the lid before you flush will keep the bathroom air less toxic. That’s right, bacteria spreads through the air if you flush before closing the lid. The bacteria floats through the air. The contaminated drops slowly settle onto surfaces such as our toothbrush, towels, vanity and cosmetic bottles. Anything exposed is subject to contamination.

Closing the lid before you flush is especially important because some viruses are spread through feces or vomit as in airborne transmission.

In this day and age of super bugs, we need to teach everyone better health and hygiene habits.

One more point of better hygiene in the bathroom…if you visit a public toilet and they offer a seat cover, use it. Oprah once said, don’t try to squat or crouch, sit.

Try not to overthink using a public toilet thinking you will avoid germs if you don’t sit. Science tells us it’s highly unlikely to “catch anything” from a toilet seat but remember the above…if there is no lid, it’s likely everything in that public restroom has been somewhat contaminated.

What to do?  Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the restroom so that you feel satisfied your good health is #1.

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  1. judy palmer on June 1, 2021 at 3:48 pm

    Good to know, never knew that and I am going to tell my family and friends. Thanks