Jackie Silver says “Exercise is the Fountain of Youth!”  She’s right you know…exercise keeps your body looking and feeling younger and fit.

Consistent exercise: walking, jogging, yoga, bicycling, racquetball, weight training, etc., gets the blood flowing. You feel alive and that aliveness shows on your face and in your slimmer body.

One of our long-time Facial Magic users who is 78 years YOUNG, declared that her youthfulness and vibrancy comes from her very active lifestyle. Even though she, like all of us, were affected by the Covid situation, she found a myriad of ways to stay active even though her favorite workout gym was closed. Her creativeness kicked in and she “worked out” daily.

The adage, “Dance like no one is watching!” is quite right. Crank up the tunes that spark you and dance. You don’t have to leave the house, you don’t have to wear special clothing and most of all, you feeling beautiful is what counts. Music does that!

Exercising three times a week for about twenty minutes each time will usually be sufficient to raise your heart rate and help you realize the results you desire. Think slimmer tummy, waist and thighs in about six to ten weeks!

Don’t forget about your face!  Just as your body changes with consistent exercise, so does your face.