Want to feel older than your years? Let chronic inflammation take control of your body.

No kidding, the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, our lifestyle choices and even the chemicals we are exposed to will create lasting inflammation in our bodies.

Chronic inflammation can show up as dis-ease. Heart disease, IBS, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and more all may be inflammation related.

The good news is this:  There are herbs that can help alleviate and reduce inflammation. One of my favorite supplements is BioCurcumin with Ginger. Vitamin C is another inflammation fighter.

The foods we eat contribute to our level of inflammation. Avoiding meat, processed foods, sugar, dairy, refined grains, sugary drinks and desserts are a few items that can spike inflammation.

Don’t forget that exercise and sleep along with an antioxidant diet will go a long way in helping you maintain your long-term health.