Collagen and Aching Knees

Pain is difficult to manage. You don’t want to look and act like a zombie from long-time drug use yet, pain that drags on and on is debilitating because you wake up with it and you go to bed with it. It never stops.

Most of you know Howard who manages the Facial Magic online training. He has been suffering with knee pain, pain that ‘wraps around his knee’… simple, everyday routines like getting in and out of the car, getting out of his office chair and climbing and descending stairs (especially annoying) were taxing to him and he became a little grumpy.

Then his ankles and feet began bothering him. Every day…upon waking…all day long…pain was developing and Howard’s smile turned upside down. He was aging. His posture became more rounded, his gait was certainly slower than usual and that mischievous twinkle was fading.

Inflammation in the body is likely created by our diet and lifestyle.

Thankfully, Howard was willing to include certain supplements to his daily routine and then I introduced him to supplemental collagen.

Here is his story:

I have never had any issues with my knees or joints until about a year ago.  I can’t tell whether it was the Covid lockdown or just inactivity due to winter weather, but my knees, ankles and feet began to ache all the time.  Sometimes my knees ached so much it affected my sleep.

I tried using the conventional pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, but I didn’t really get much relief.  I take Bio-Curcumin daily in the hope of preventing this kind of discomfort.

Cynthia recommended that I begin a regimen of collagen supplement with my coffee in the morning. Within two days of beginning the collagen regimen, the inflammation in the tendons in my knees, ankles and feet had substantially disappeared.  After almost a year of daily discomfort, I was relieved of this pain.

The rave reviews state that the odorless, tasteless, no-clump formula does indeed aid joints, bones, gut, skin, hair, nails and more.

And Howard? Well, he’s certainly more mobile and active. And that mischievous twinkle?  Well, I’m seeing it!