Do You Wear Tattoos?

My drop-dead gorgeous niece wears tattoos up each arm as well as on her back and legs. She is wonderfully proud of the artwork she wears and I must say each scene is thoughtfully inked.

Obviously she doesn’t mind the pain threshold and has probably learned to accept the pain without fear. We had a conversation regarding her love of tattoo that began when she was quite young.

MJ knows the risks and has experienced a skin infection that required a month or more of treatment. She is aware the ink particles can migrate to the liver which is concern for developing cancer later on. She hopes she is impervious to that. There are lots of unanswered questions regarding the safety of body art and the long-term health concerns using heavy metal ink.

Approximately 38% of people ages 18-29 now have at least one tattoo according to My son was 18 when he commissioned a tattoo while visiting Chicago. He only had one because he has never cared for discomfort. He was reluctant to show me and when he did, he swore he’d never do that again.