Have You Lost Weight using Intermittent Fasting?

Get out your tape measure and measure your waistline…pleased with what you see? Mad enough to make you want to do something about that reading that indicates you’ve been piling on the pounds?

Intermittent fasting just might be the ticket for you. Choose an 8 hour window of time in which to eat. If your first meal is at 11:00 a.m., you may have food until 7:00 pm. The goal is to have a 16 hour period of no food.

Most people add eight pounds of weight per year if they aren’t discriminating about what goes into their mouths. Extra pounds can pile up quickly and we seem to relish holidays and get togethers where food is king but it’s the daily smidgens can be your undoing. Just one apple fritter casually enjoyed on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee can practically undo all the conscience eating you have practiced all week long.

Years ago, I worked four years at Jack LaLanne’s Presidents/First Lady’s Health Spas. We primarily suggested the Atkins diet guidelines for weight loss and most everyone lost weight and inches keeping their carbohydrate intake to between 15 and 30 grams per day. Meat likes steaks and chicken along with green vegetables became the mainstay of most.

Would you rather see successful weight loss results in your clothes or on a scale?

Me, I want to look sensational in my clothes and I don’t even own a bathroom scale. Some years ago I stopped eating after six pm and in the past few years after learning more about intermittent fasting, I moved my cut off for food to 5:00 pm.

Eating nothing after 5 or 6 pm can contribute to substantial weight loss. My aunt began this very pattern of eating only 8 hours a day and nothing after 6 pm. She has lost 20 pounds! A man in Denver has also lost 20 pounds in two months practicing intermittent fasting.

The health benefits of intermittent fasting are many and here are my top 5 reasons for continuing this eating pattern:

  • My risk of diabetes is lessened
  • My digestion has improved
  • My body acts and feels healthy
  • My clothes fit perfectly
  • Intermittent fasting keeps me slim!

Let the fat burning begin! Set a time to begin – eat 8 hours, fast 16 hours. It’s easy!