You’ve probably passed by the fresh bunches of parsley in the produce aisle without giving a though to what amazing health benefits this curly, green leafed vegetable has.

For years I have suggested Parsley Tea to aid in the elimination of under eye bags and puffiness (A Diuretic effect) that plague certain people. Actually, many health professionals agree that parsley has diverse properties – all to make you feel good.

What a wonderful, easy and but not super delicious tea, parsley tea is!  I like to boil a parsley bunch for about 6 minutes in one quart of water. Steep for 10 minutes, then strain and drain…discard the parsley. Add a little stevia and a little fresh lemon juice for added taste.

Yes, it’s vitamin rich! It’s full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C.  Yes, it may have cancer fighting properties, yes, it likely aids in digestion challenges as it detoxifies the liver and the kidneys.

If you have health concerns, check with your health care provider before using this tea because it’s not recommended for pregnant women.