Natural Vitamin D – Free vitamin supplementation from the sun! What could be better? Sunshine triggers the production of Vitamin D in our body. Getting out-of-doors to soak up the rays, whether you’re sitting, walking, running, playing tennis or exercising, Vitamin D provides healing. Oh sure, too much sun can blister your skin so it’s best taken in small increments of less than 15 minutes each time until you have a base of color.

The act of being outside, enjoying fresh air, seeing the abundance of trees, flowers and grass certainly will lift your spirits. Boosting your mood is just one of the many benefits sunshine can provide. Think about your heart health – it improves with sunshine! When you’re soaking up those rays, you just might not be prone to snacking, especially if you have a desire to wear skimpier clothing. There’s something about the sun that “fills you up.” Your memory can improve, your sleep enhanced just by getting out to enjoy the great outdoors.

If you supplement Vitamin D, remember that it is recommended to bring magnesium to the table. I like magnesium malate – someone once told me it was an anti-aging supplement so you know it’s in my daily arsenal.