Al Sears, MD (he’s an anti-aging guru!) published a thought provoking article that began like this, …“Soy is a superfood” and “tofu is much better for you than meat.”

Dr Sears has my attention – as a long-time follower I learned years ago that soy is mostly a GMO product that doesn’t take the place of animal protein and fats. Again, natural vs lab created.

“Their (Big Agra) latest claim is that soy builds strong bones… In a recent study, researchers fed rats either soybean meal or cornmeal. At the end of 30 weeks, the researchers were thrilled to see that the rats fed soybean meal had improved their bone strength compared to the cornmeal rats. I’m sure you can see the giant flaw in the study. They compared soy to corn — both of which are horrible for humans. Calling either one a health food is a hoax,” he writes.

A study from Yale compared calcium bioavailability in real women eating soy versus those eating meat. They showed that when soy protein is substituted for meat protein, there is a steep drop in the bioavailability of calcium.

Here are 3 suggestions from Dr Sears for stronger bones:

  1. Get calcium from natural dairy. I come from a family of farmers, and milk was a staple. When I’d go to my grandma’s house, she’d pour me a glass right from the bucket… straight from the cow. I recommend all my patients stick with the real raw milk that comes from grass-fed cows. It’s full of the protein, fat, calcium and vitamin D you need to build strong bones. Today, you won’t find raw dairy in your local grocery store. It’s against the law in some states. To find out where you can buy real raw milk go to:
  2. Increase your protein. Your bones are living, growing tissue. At the cellular level, “osteoclast” bone cells are constantly breaking down old, weak bone. At the same time, “osteoblast” cells are rebuilding new, strong bone. And they need plenty of protein for that new construction. Beef, organ meats, fish, and eggs are your best sources of protein. If possible, eat grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish. Choose eggs from pastured chicken.
  3. Don’t forget the fat. Fats build strong bones by increasing calcium absorption from your gut. They also reduce the excretion of calcium in your urine. And they increase the amount of calcium that gets deposited in your bones. Healthy fats include omega-3s from fish and saturated fat in beef, pork, lamb, dairy, lard and poultry skin.