10 reasons to avoid injections

For the past ten years or so there have been quite a few serums developed that the medical industry has adopted for use by their patients who are seeking a younger, refreshed appearance.  One very popular injected serum paralyzes the muscles so that frowning, squinting and forehead use is greatly subdued.

While this drug has provided the formulating company with billions of dollars in sales, this drug has warnings that have gone largely ignored.  Oh sure, there’s the standard warning that there may be swelling and redness at the injection site or a droopy eye brow may be in evidence for a few weeks as the toxic side effects lessen but the real words of caution seem to be minimized and disregarded.

Consider this scenario:  You frown, lines develop and they make you look older than your years.  Perhaps you believe that the paralyzing injections are your only avenue to stop the look of old and you engage the services of a doc who happily accommodates your desire and wishes for enhancement. But wait! What’s this? You are handed a cautionary list that relieves that medical professional of any liability in the event something goes wrong. And things can go terribly wrong.

Here are ten serious moderate to severe contraindications that should make you think about beginning invasive injections into the face:

1)      (1)  Death – it happens

2)      (2)  Serious Disability

3)      (3)  Paralysis of a nearby muscle that could interfere with vision and opening the eyes

4)      (4)  Disorientation – double vision, dizziness

5)      (5)  Temporary asymmetrical appearance due to abnormal swelling of the facial features

6)      (6)  Abnormal or lack of facial expression

7)      (7)  Headache, nausea or flu-like symptoms, seizures, fainting

8)      (8)  Swallowing, slurring speech, respiratory and bronchial challenges

9)      (9)  Facial pain – nerve irritability

10     (10)  Muscle atrophy

There are unusual authorizations that a patient must agree to before injections are administered – here are two examples I recently acquired:

·         I am aware and accept that no guarantee about the results of the procedures have been made or implied.

·         I understand and accept that the long-term effects of repeated use of this paralyzing serum are as yet unknown.

Bottom line – the effects of the paralyzing serum is temporary, it’s expensive, yet the effects can be lethal. Scary, too!  There is evidence that the serum migrates via the nerve cells so having this type of toxin traveling throughout your system may potentially harm your good health.

What if you could easily begin to stop frown lines without using anything harmful? Would you be interested in knowing that a tightened forehead is possible using only facial exercise? Could you invest in yourself with an all-natural alternative that requires no doctor visits or any type of invasive procedure?

Facial exercise can easily change the shape and contour of your face and once you learn the routine to isolate, anchor and contract sagging facial muscles, there is no need for further expenditure because the secret is literally in your hands. Just keep in mind that exercise can work better than facial surgery and plumping or paralyzing injections. There’s no risk, no pain, no drugs, no time away from family. Droopy eye lids and brows, furrowed foreheads, sagging cheeks, jowls, pouches, double chins and more can be remedied using isometric facial exercise.

Imagine looking five, ten, even fifteen years younger without resorting to costly, invasive or risky surgeries and injections that require repeating. Remember, these modalities do not make you look younger; rather, these modalities mostly make you look like you’ve had work done and maybe even a little freakish.