3 Steps to Develop A Turkey Neck

3 Steps to Develop A Turkey Neck

Developing a turkey neck is easier than you could ever believe. There are basically three components that create a bulge directly below the jawbone and chin:

  • genes – remember how you stared and stared at your mother’s great Aunt Hilda’s neck
  • your daily habits – you know, the smidgens that add up over the years
  • lack of exercise – you go to the gym regularly – what’s up?

Double chins, turkey necks and slack facial muscles can make us look older, tired and certainly out of shape. The process of developing this unsightly prominence takes years but you can stop and even reverse the look when you choose highly specialized facial exercises that are easy to learn, easy to perform and once you learn the technique, the process of a facelift without surgery is yours forever.

As we mature our facial muscles lose their ability to adequately support the skin resulting in elongated features – our eyelids can become lined and hooded, our cascading forehead muscle can push downward sinking our eye brows, our cheeks can appear loose, our lower mouth can wrinkle when we chew and the overall beauty of our face is compromised all because our faces become out of shape, squishy and mushy looking.

Yes, genes can play a part in your overall aging but usually when one sees a double chin developing, the direct cause is sagging facial muscles. Just like you exercise your body at the gym, the same principles can apply to your face which means your face can lift, tone and tighten with resistance and isometric contraction of the muscles. Our muscles appreciate the good feelings that exercises produce; your facial muscles are no different, they, too, will value the movements that target and strengthen the hidden muscles beneath the skin.

So why let Mother Nature get a head start on a double chin, a wattle or even a turkey neck when you can proactively exercise your face to look years younger? For less than the cost of a facial, you can own the technology to keep your face looking 5, 10, even 15 years younger without surgery, drugs or any harmful chemical injections.

By exercising your face just a few minutes each time, those hidden muscles that support your face will become stronger and your skin will look radiant as oxygenated blood is forced into the skin.

Are all facial exercise programs the same? Not at all. Most facial exercise programs teach twists, puckers, contortions and funny faces but they do nothing but create repetitive motions that can accentuate wrinkles. To lift and tighten the facial muscles, resistance, contraction and anchoring are required. Facial Magic to the rescue!