5 Things to do to Avoid Getting Fat in 2018

  1. Love yourself! Put yourself first – If you want to become a healthy woman that means you want to learn to eat well, exercise your face and your body and become more fit.
  2. Do not rely on your scale to give you the true story of your weight if you weigh after 2:00 pm.  Breakfast, lunch, beverages all contribute to a certain amount of fluid retention. If you want an accurate weight read, the first thing out of bed, void, then weigh.
  3. Develop a new eating strategy to become healthy again. Ask yourself first, before you indulge, to wait. By now you know how to constructively use food – too many carbs and refined sugar creates havoc with your good health.  Develop the attitude, “I’ll wait until later” whenever you are tempted to splurge. That powerful sentence is applicable to cigarettes, food, alcohol – anything that takes away from your empowerment.
  4. Emulate your slim friends – go where they go – gym, walking paths, yoga classes, etc., and learn to eat and drink like a slim person. Look what Marie Osmond has accomplished with her 50# weight loss – she has a suggestion to lose 10 pounds in one month. Eat a 220 calorie lunch every day.

               I put together three lunch menu suggestions so you can get the idea of how much food is available to create 220 calories.  Lunch #1:  One medium sized apple (59 calories) 1 cup asparagus (27 calories) 1 cup lettuce (5 calories) 1 hard boiled egg (78 calories)

Lunch #2:  One basked chicken breast (136 calories) 1 cup lettuce (5 calories) 1 medium cucumber (17 calories) 1 cup watermelon (50 calories)

Lunch #3:  One 2 ounce slice of beef (142 calories) 1 cup lettuce (5 calories) 1 cup broccoli (45 calories) 1 cup asparagus (27 calories)

  1. Remember it’s never too late! Becoming is a journey and it starts by renewing your mind. Love yourself!