Are you Adding Years by Cleansing Wrong?

My sister came to me asking my opinion on using face wipes rather than a cleansing routine to remove makeup and the day’s debris that collects on our face and neck. My opinion echoes the referenced article – using wipes just smears the makeup without adequately removing it.

Sleeping regenerates our bodies so going to bed with a clean face that has been wonderfully cared for with toners, treatments and moisturizers insures that you will awaken with noticeable results of revitalized skin. 

Caring for your face at bedtime can be a task that is completed in less than 2 minutes:  Apply a dime size amount of your favorite cleanser in the palm of your wet hand then apply it all over your face and neck. Allow the cleanser to sit on your face undisturbed so that makeup and dirt are loosened. Remove with a warm, wet washcloth, rinse the cloth and whisk it over your face. Pat dry. Use a toner on a cotton pad to remove every little trace of makeup. Follow with your treatments – vitamin C serum, peptides, retinol, and then eye treatment. Some of you will need a moisturizer on top of the treatments if your face is extremely dry; otherwise, you are ready for bed.

Facial Cleansers from Cynthia Rowland