My friend, Sharon, a seasoned aestheticin, claims that if you fail to wash your face before bed, your face will look 12 days older when you get up the next morning. True?  I’m not sure. What I know for certain is this:  I do not want to cause further aging in my face.

Even skipping a night or two is cause for pores to clog and a dull, dryness to set in. Our bodies, including our faces, regenerate at night. If you do not wash your face nightly, this neglect over time will prevent your moisturizers from actually penetrating your skin which means premature aging occurs!

Waking with a fresh looking face is the goal. Seriously, it only takes less than two minutes to wash your face and slather retinol or other treatments on your face and neck before falling into bed. You’re worth it!

I think you’ll sleep better knowing that you are preventing wrinkles even when you’re sleeping.