The cosmetic industry has embraced South Korea! From matte hot pink lips to luxurious packaging, South Korea is making beauty news.

One twist to their beauty routine is that many Korean women prefer thinner lashes, sparse and separated, to the fuller, longer lashes we typically see in the slick magazines and up-market television spots here in the US and Europe.

Another twist is that rather than using eyelash curlers, the Korean women prefer “wood ironing” which they claim helps to smoothly apply mascara. Special wooden sticks are lighted on fire, first the fire is extinguished leaving a very warm stick that is then pressed against and under the lashes. 

For those of you who would rather not put a hot stick near your eye, you can always warm your eyelash curler with your blow dryer. Just a few seconds of heat will help your eyelash curler produce an amazing crimp to your lashes. Be careful, though, you’ll feel the heat if you’re overzealous with the blow dryer.