Hair Styles, Makeup woes and Red Lipstick – Are you Ready for Change?

It’s so easy to become stuck in our ways…unwilling to budge or acquiesce to a challenging situation.

Consider your hairstyle and makeup routines. Could they be updated?

My friend Tobi recently fell in the shower and injured her knee and her hip. She was confined to bed rest initially and a walker to help steady her gait. In the four months she has been recuperating, her hair has grown and she looks younger, more hip. She is so pleased! IMHO – Most women look younger when they wear longer hair styles.

And, another gal, has stopped lining her undereye with a heavy black eyeliner. Why? Someone gifted her a high powered makeup mirror. She realized that without the magnification her eyeliner was way too thick and severe. In fact, she learned that her droopy eyelids could not be disguised with dark eye shadow.

Wearing red lipstick can be a mistake, especially if it runs into tiny vertical lines that invade our lip lines. While sitting in front of your 25x magnification mirror, apply a concealer to your lips, then outline them after the lipstick is applied. Drawing outside the lines to increase your lip size is outdated. The Luscious Lips Lip Pump was made for this very situation. From the inside out, plump those lips! Using concealer around the mouth and eyes sets up a luminous glow for your complexion. Be certain to blend, blend, blend so you don’t look like a clown!

One more thing…gentle changes can mean so much. Our attitude is infectious so love yourself and smile more!

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