OMG! Those pesky elevens that crease the area between our brows must be stopped before you’ve made that impression 8,000 times. What happens after 8,000 impressions you ask? A wrinkle forms.

Do you frown easily? Concentrate by knitting your brows together? Well, if you do you could mar your beautiful face forever. Grab your mirror. Take a look at that area between your brows. What do you see?  A smooth, taut, lineless forehead or are you seeing the tell-tale signs of stress abuse by frowning?

Exercise #9 deals directly with those lines. Place the three middle fingertips between your brows, anchoring the obicularis occuli muscles that position under your brows using your ring fingers. Hold the area then try to bring your eyebrows together. Think resistance with contraction. Perform the movement four times – 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds and 10 seconds. You’ll see results!

And remember, use Scotch Tape vertically over the elevens when you’re by yourself or ready to sleep. What a difference they make! Don’t forget to remove the tape when you leave the house.