Chubby cheeks, so cute on a four year old but what do chubby cheeks look like on a 40 year old? Well, chubby cheeks on anyone over the age of 30 is the beginning of the look of “old.”

A new client of ours sent an email saying that she noticed that the women featured on our Before & After photos all appeared to have lost weight because their faces looked slimmer.  Yes, weight loss will help your face to look slimmer but our Facial Magic users display faces that have slimmed from the inside out as their facial muscles repositioned and tightened.

Facial skin is attached directly to the muscles. As muscles strengthen, they plump up, reposition and lift your skin. Facial Magic’s isometric contractions are vastly different than every facial exercise program I’ve seen. No twists, pucker, funny faces or contortions are allowed here because those type of repetitive motions will indeed cause wrinkles. Anchoring facial muscles with your thumbs and fingers before contracting the muscles provides the toning and lifting you desire…a facelift without surgery or anything harmful.