Several of my recent private clients have horizontal forehead lines that are quite pronounced. You may see those very lines when you look in the mirror. Save your money if you’re thinking about topical treatments that are just fluff because when it comes to repetitive motions like forehead lines and wrinkles, behavior modification is your best solution.

Oh sure, you could have the area paralyzed with a toxin but that doesn’t cure anything – it’s a mask in more ways than one.

What does work is this:  set up a mirror at your desk. Watch your face, particularly your forehead as you talk on the phone, work on your computer and interact with your co-workers. The mirror feedback will demonstrate how often you are making these motions.

So how do you master this action? Simply by touching the area with your ring finger will stop a frown. Oh sure, that sounds simple but it works. Give it a try…!