Arm Yourself with Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated, distilled extracts that are derived from a wide variety of plants, each with its own unique scent, characteristics, and healing properties. Just think of the possibilities – cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano, eucalyptus, sage and so many, many plant varieties that provide relief from a cornucopia of maladies and conditions.

I have a small handbook called Essential Oils pocket reference and it guides me with historical data, medical properties, fragrant influences and applications. Essential oil of Basil is a favorite of mine because it is recommended to treat migraines and chest infections. This essential oil is a powerful antispasmodic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant. It can also be used to treat throat/lung infections and even insect bites. I like to inhale it directly from my hands and sometimes I diffuse it.

Most essential oils are fragrant, uplifting, refreshing and invigorating. I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils years ago and even though I have ordered many bottles to use and share, I still have not tried their entire line. When I asked my sister about her Christmas list, the first listing was Peppermint essential oil.  Peppermint oil is anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, antiparasitic, anti bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, gallbladder stimulant, pain relieving, appetite suppressing.

Another favorite is lavender. I recommend it for calming, relaxing and balancing both physically and emotionally. University researchers in Japan found that diffusing certain aromas in an office environment drastically improved mental accuracy and concentration. Diffused lemon resulted in 54% fewer errors, jasmine 33% fewer errors and lavender 20% fewer errors. University of Miami researchers found that inhalation of lavender oil increased beta waves in the brain, suggesting heightened relaxation, reduced mental stress and increased alertness.

If you’re interested in knowing more about oils to treat almost every imaginable condition, just know that from abscesses and boils to fibromyalgia to obesity, snoring and wounds, there’s likely an oil for that.

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