Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Unwanted facial hair is no laughing matter.  Whether you see hair on your upper lip, chin or the sides of your face, I know you want it gone!

Years ago, my sons would comment on my hairy face.  At first I didn’t readily see the fine, blond hairs but as the years came and went, those hairs began to take on a life of their own.

There are many remedies to facial hair.  Some methods are ideal for home use and others are best left in the hands of a professional.  Let’s explore the possibilities:

Waxing – a very popular solution and it can be painful.  My sister tried it once and swears that she was in a sound-proof “scream room.”  This method is not recommended for dark skinned women and it’s not recommended for your chin where coarse hair may grow.

Sugaring – easy, at-home method that works.  Like anything new, there is a learning curve but the results last 3-6 weeks.  Sugaring your eyebrows and upper lip takes only seconds.

Depilatory creams – Great for legs and arms but can irritate facial skin.  These are usually inexpensive and may keep hair away one to two weeks.

Electrolysis – Long lasting results but it is costly and time consuming.  Be certain to find a qualified professional that uses a new needle for every session.  This method works best for women with light or blonde hair.

Laser – Not very effective on light to blonde hair so we brunettes and dark-skinned women can benefit from this. Your dermatologist or doctor can help you determine if you are a good candidate. Just make certain the person treating you has a high level of experience and that you discuss the type of results you can expect.  Usually the procedure is called “permanent hair removal” although my friend Connie would disagree.  She had at least six treatments and continues with maintenance.  Expensive!

Keep in mind that some hair growth is hormonal.  If it is excessive or abnormal, consult your physician.


Remove Unwanted Facial Hair with Natural Remedy

Peach fuzz is one thing but having hair sprouting from your face in several areas can be very frustrating to remove. Yes, you can shave your face, you can pay a professional to dermaplane unwanted hair, you can pluck and pluck but there is a way to naturally remove hair with just three simple ingredients. It is my understanding that this special concoction has been around for a very long time – a DIY recipe that costs just pennies each time you apply. I have not yet tried this all natural method but starting tomorrow I will use it faithfully and report my findings to you. Will you do the same? Here are the secret ingredients