Grab a pliable measuring tape and measure your waist.

I can tell you that my once 22 inch waistline has evolved into a much higher reading and I am determined to get rid of it by changing my dietary habits…again…

Most of us desire slimness but it can be elusive. After all, we enjoy food so in order to develop a smaller tummy, look and feel healthier and wear more attractive clothes with confidence changes are necessary.

The belly fat, particularly the visceral fat, hugs our inner organs and when firmly established, begins to affect our glucose readings, blood pressure and even our heart. The longer the extra fat is in place, your medical readings might result in serious health challenges.

Here’s what has worked for me:  soup.

Not just any soup will do, of course.  My taste buds require delicious, yummy foods so I began searching for the cabbage soup diet and from there I have developed a filling and satisfying soup that is low in calories and virtually carbless. If you make a big pot of soup, you’ll have instant food so that you’re not tempted to grab a sandwich or order fries at the drive through.

The key is green veggies. From broccoli, celery, many varieties of peppers, asparagus, etc., FREELY use them in your soup. I use carrots, too, along with a pound of ground turkey that I’ve browned in advance.

Somewhere I read to add a chopped head of cabbage after the veggies are tender so that is the last step.

Eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days and measure your waist. I hope you will be pleased. If you want the full recipe, send me an email.