Excruciating jaw pain? Lessened jaw mobility? You might be experiencing TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – a common complaint from those who suffer from a misaligned jaw. Even chewing on one side of your mouth can create an imbalance in the masseter muscles. Personally, every time I visit my dentist, my jaw seems to be somewhat out-of-whack. Some TMJ sufferers complain gum chewing rather than injury is the result of jaw pain. Other jaw pain triggers can be a result of missing teeth, poor posture or even arthritic conditions. Worse yet, what if TMJ is caused by a poor diet or even lack of sleep?

So if you suffer from this condition that can result in spasms, vertigo and blurred vision, there are exercises that can help alleviate the discomfort. Your dentist may recommend cold packs or soft foods to provide temporary relief and gentle exercises to increase flexibility. Surgery may be recommended if the condition painfully persists. Also, learn to chew food equally in your mouth so that you are not unconsciously developing the condition.

Facial Magic exercise #14 can help strengthen the muscles and create balance:  Open your mouth. Place the index and middle fingers on your lower teeth. Press down on your teeth. Now slowly lift and lower your jaw to provide resistance. Lift and lower your jaw 5 times. Remove your fingers, take a breath, reposition and then lift and lower your jaw 10 times. Repeat two more times for a total of 35 seconds of exercise.

Most of our exercises help to create symmetry and balance in the face and it’s the combination of movements with resistance that truly make a difference in your facial appearance.