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So many of us worry about our blood pressure and now that the “normal” guidelines have been lowered – we might be lulled into taking medication that can cause lots of side effects with hardly any positive results.

Here’s what Jack Harrison has to say about his two-step plan for the perfect blood pressure:

Step 1: Do nothing.

That’s right. In some cases, the BEST action of all is NO action at all!

The American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Family Physicians didn’t sign onto the new guidelines, and both of them say most seniors should aim for a “top number” of 150.

Some studies even show you’re safe at 160.

Step 2: If your BP is actually too high, you still don’t need the meds OR the side effects.

You can often achieve PERFECT blood pressure control, on your own, without the drugs in any number of ways.

One is to drop 10 pounds. Nothing dramatic. Just 10 pounds — two or three weeks of not-very-aggressive dieting — can bring your BP levels down right to where they need to be.

Another is to take calcium, magnesium and potassium, three essential minerals that cost pennies a day and you’re probably missing out on anyway.

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