Vitamin D – The More You Know!

The “Sunshine Vitamin”…most of us do not spend enough time soaking up 20 minutes of life-enhancing rays daily…we’re too busy, we work indoors chained to a computer, telephone and desk, we commute via cars, buses, trains, subways, airplanes and we dash from outside to inside.

According to Dr Mercola, he estimates that 40% of Americans are profoundly deficient in Vitamin D. If you suffer from bone pain and muscle weakness, you might ask your health care provider to order tests that measure the levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D. “Considering the importance of vitamin D for disease prevention, strict sun avoidance is likely doing far more harm than good. The major problem with sun exposure is burning, not overall exposure. And, the easily treatable forms of skin cancer — squamous and basal cell carcinomas — are the ones most likely to form.”

Supplementing Vitamin D? Well, according to those in the know, say Vitamin D is better assimilated when magnesium is taken along with this super-charged vitamin that protects bone strength and lessens inflammation. I like magnesium malate.

Vitamin D and magnesium supplements are inexpensive. You can find magnesium in foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and salmon. Vitamin D is best obtained primarily through sun exposure and supplementation, not via your diet. Check with your physician for dosage recommendations.

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