What is Your Biological Age?

The last year has certainly made us sit up and take notice of our health and well-being. In early 2020, we were bombarded with the possibility of facing a certain demise. We knew our health conditions were broader than just hand washing, social distancing and face covers.

A healthy mind/body is my passion. For years and years and years I have taken supplements. As a young child, my Mother sold Shaklee vitamins and we took them. Throughout my elementary, junior high and high school years I was lettered in basketball, softball and volleyball. Living on a farm exposed me to outdoor life. As kids we were outside as much as possible shooting hoops and helping with chores. We were always active.

What contributes to achieving a younger biological age?

Certainly exercise and remaining active changes everything. Not only do our bodies improve, our outlook, our emotional health can become more attuned to feeling less stressed. Exercise helps everyone feel more youthful and healthier. Strengthening our immune system is Priority #1. There are so many avenues of exercise to choose but I still love walking.

What we put in our mouths greatly affects our biological age. Weight management is essential – a lean fighting weight is ideal but not all of us fall into that category. Let’s be honest – most of us love sweets and treats. A little treat here, another there and soon our bodies will signal that the smidgens are adding up as your waist line thickens and your face looks puffy. Enhancing our immune system requires better food choices. Buy and use organic everything! There are health robbing nano-particles hidden in our carb-laden processed foods that create inflammation. They contribute to ill health.

Taking immune enhancing supplements daily will have a positive effect on your biological age. I take zinc, quercetin, D3, Vitamin C, B, magnesium malate, curcumin, alpha lipoic acid, astaxanthin and more. I’ve recently added a collagen powder once a day. Taking these supplements gives me confidence that I am protecting my health.

Live long disease free!