Some people look tired because of lack of sleep – that actually seems to be quite the epidemic! Sleep can be elusive but there are natural ways to help you sleep and small dosages of melatonin can help. Some years ago it was suggested to me that melatonin works best in small increments. Small as in biting a 2.5 milligram tablet in two…placing that sliver under the tongue while you get comfy in bed can promote better sleep.

Farmer hands holding wooden box with different vegetables

Some tiredness is visible in the eyes and face. That tiredness is usually a result of stress and overload. That’s when you’ll want to frequently grab your exercise gloves, plop yourself in front of a mirror and allow Facial Magic to not only lift, tone and tighten your facial features but the action of forcing oxygenated blood to the face will give you a glow. Exercise whether for the face or the body will increase your vitality so that you look refreshed and revitalized.

Food can promote tiredness. Heavy carb consumption like bread and pasta can make you feel and look tired. Think back a few days ago…mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing and desserts…all carb laden foods that can promote a tired look. Stick with veggies and fruit for greater energy.