Himalayan Salt Lamps are soothing to me. Their soft, pinkish glow seems to make everyone’s faces look younger…but get this, these lamps that I’d like to use in every room of the house, have healing properties that cannot be disputed.

I’m not certain what attracted me to the lamps initially. Of course, they’re beautiful, they’re natural – carved out of actual Himalayan salt from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan – and now that I’ve used them for a few years I know they provide just the right ambience for every room. There’s one in my guest room that makes the room feel very special. The one in my bedroom creates a warm, romantic atmosphere. I have a small plugin for the living room that doubles as a night light.

There are those who say their asthma is improved, they sleep deeper and longer and they feel their mood in general has improved. The salt is a natural ionizer so perhaps the air is cleaner and allergies lessened when salt lamps are used. No matter the claims, I love these lamps!