Mindbogglingly Huge Discovery about Love Ingredient

My sweet, darling grandson, Braydon, paid me quite the compliment when I visited my son’s home in Colorado. At the dinner table, he piped up and said, “I know why Mimi’s cooking always tastes so good! It’s because she cooks with love.” Wow! That’s one of the nicest things ever said to me and it made me proud to please my young grandson and family through cooking.

Evidently, Braydon isn’t the only one who has pegged the “love” ingredient in food. Cooking and then cooking with love makes a difference according to a recent study headed by Dr Christy Fergusson, a Birds Eye Food psychologist who ran the study, said: 'We set out to prove that food made with love tastes better and demonstrate how the power of intention impacts people's perception of food enjoyment.

Cooking for a family requires thought and preparation. I know because we just hosted 17 for a sit down Christmas dinner that was joyfully enjoyed!