My top 5 foods to look younger and feel fabulous

Eggs – Eggs are considered the perfect food and they’re so quick and easy to cook. Eggs provide high quality protein along with many beneficial vitamins and minerals. How many to eat each week? I eat at least 6 eggs per week and sometimes I eat as many as 10 eggs per week. They’re low in calories – 90 calories for one fried egg or if you count carbs, there are zero carbs in an egg. Eating eggs will provide extra moisture for your skin as well as soften and firm your skin so consider adding eggs to your eating plan.

Avocados –Sliced, diced or mashed with garlic and hot sauce, avos scream “healthy eating.”  Consuming healthy fats that reek of antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C protect your skin from the inside out. The humble avo also provides B Vitamins which are necessary for better looking skin. You can also mash an avocado and spread it on your face and neck to soften your skin. Remove after 10 or 15 minutes with water. I would rather eat the avo!

Broccoli and Cauliflower – These cruciferous veggies are noted for increasing collagen production via their Vitamin C and Vitamin E properties. Keep your skin healthy and supple by eating these organic veggies either raw or lightly steamed. Seriously, a serving a day as an addition to eggs or included in a luncheon salad, you will look and feel slimmer and healthier. New information discloses that …broccoli can be used to prevent colitis, leaky gut, and other inflammatory-related digestive conditions. If your gut is not functioning properly, your face may look bloated or spotty so detox with broccoli.

Peanuts – There are many health benefits when you eat one to two ounces of peanuts each day. Try to find the lightly salted ones. Peanuts are rich in proteins. A handful can keep hunger pangs at bay while the anti-oxidant properties fight stomach cancer, heart disease and certain viral and bacterial infections. Peanuts are rich in Vitamin E that will protect your skin from free radical damage.

Dark, rich, yummy Chocolate – Free radical protection, potential cancer protection and a host of other health benefits are yours when you eat one ounce of minimally processed dark chocolate. Only 168 calories per ounce with loads of healthy vitamins and minerals along with powerful antioxidants, you will want to consume dark chocolate that contains 70%+ cacao. Look for chocolate made with stevia if sugar is a concern. The takeaway:  try not to over-indulge…LOL!