For Optimum Health Avoid these 4 White Foods

For Optimum Health

There are four things that you must specifically avoid in your lifestyle if you desire optimal health and vitality --- they are white flour, white sugar, milk processed by pasteurization and homogenization and white table salt.

White flour or any product that contains white flour is dead and has been stripped of any goodness it might have once had. If you see a product containing "enriched flour," stay as far as away as possible from it. Enriched means any vitamins and minerals that were once in the flour have been completely removed through processing and have been replaced with synthetic vitamins -- these synthetic vitamins being derived from coal-tar.

White flour is also stripped of its natural bran or fiber. Dietary fiber promotes the growth of friendly flora (beneficial bacteria), such as acidophilus, which produces essential vitamins and controls unwanted yeast in the intestinal tract.

Manufacturers also bleach it, using an agent that is similar to chlorine bleach.

Not to mention that the white flour we are consuming in our breads and other products is also used in grade schools to make craft paste, which is exactly what it does in our colon - it becomes "sticky" and begins to layer our intestinal tract.

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White sugar, or any processed sugar for that matter, causes a number of problems to the body. Some of these include suppressing the immune system, significantly increasing triglycerides and LDLs, interfering with mineral absorption, decreasing the body's insulin sensitivity and accelerating the aging process.

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Milk that has been pasteurized and/or homogenized should also be avoided. The process of pasteurization not only kills the harmful bacteria targeted but it also kills anything that was once good in the milk, such as key enzymes, and leaves you again with another dead product. Besides destroying the key vitamins and enzymes, pasteurization also turns the sugar of milk, known as lactose, into beta-lactose, which is far more soluble and therefore more rapidly absorbed in the system, with the result of a greater insulin response.

If that were not bad enough, many companies homogenize their milk so that the fat/cream doesn't separate and people do have to make the effort to shake the milk each time they want to drink it. The process of homogenization also explodes the fat molecules. Once a fat molecule's membrane is damaged, the fat is easily oxidized and becomes rancid.

If you choose to consume any type of dairy product, those made with raw milk should be of first choice. If raw milk is not available to you and feel you need to have dairy, look for Certified Organic; it will be pasteurized but will not have any chemicals, antibiotics or hormones added to the milk or the cows that produce it.

Source: Total Health

White table salt is another white substance that creates untold physical problems and suffering. The body needs sodium, but it must be in an organic form in order to be usable by the body. Table salt, sodium chloride, is an inorganic sodium compound formed by the union of sodium and chlorine that is extremely toxic to the body, causing it to retain fluid in an effort to keep this protoplasmic poison in suspension and out of the cells.

Season your food using unprocessed sea salt, which can have as many as 90 trace minerals and ocean elements that have vital regulatory functions in your body. When you purchase this type of salt, you'll notice the best salt has perfectly cubed crystals, and it has a slightly gray color to it rather than the white salt to which we are accustomed to. This is because it contains all the important minerals and trace minerals and other elements. The best to purchase is called Celtic followed by the sea salt from New Zealand.

!!Remember it's not only important to avoid these white products as a whole but also avoiding products made from them!!