Why you Really do Need Facials Regularly

Facials and Why You Need Them Regularly

Heading to your aesthetician’s office on a regular basis, like every 3 to 4 weeks, will keep your skin looking well. That’s the name of game, isn’t it?

Aestheticians can keep your pores tight and clear when they expertly extract built up junk that clog our pores. Instead of you popping and probing clogged pores, let the professional handle it.

Facials that we use at home can certainly work to our advantage but having a professional facial using glycolic or salicylic acid can create a better looking, healthy complexion. Maintain those results with regular use of at home products. Remember, cleanse, hydrate, protect, exfoliate.

Deep cleansing the face is something that an aesthetician expertly does for you. They can work their magic to thoroughly remove dirt and grime that we might miss during our nightly cleaning ritual. Without drying the skin, these experts can make certain your face is rejuvenated and hydrated.

Some procedures will include facial massage for lymphatic drainage. This will reduce toxins and fluid retention that show up under the eyes. A scalp massage is also beneficial for complete relaxation and stimulation of the scalp. Ask your aesthetician if that is part of your facial package.

Use the time you have with your skin care professional to ask her advice on the type of products that will provide you the best results. Does she recommend hydrating masques twice a month? What about layering products? Remember, your skin changes constantly so keep informed with regular visits.

One advantage of using an aesthetician to maintain the health of your facial skin is that the products she uses are professional strength. Professional strength exfoliation means that those old dead skin cells will be mostly removed with techniques such as dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. Fruit acid peels also provide quick cell turnover which reveals beautiful skin.

Perhaps you have recurring skin upsets. All the better to trust your face to a professional. Be very careful about removing milia bumps, especially around the eyes. Leave that to the pros. Bring any and all changes you see in and on your skin to her attention.

The best part of booking a facial for me is the one hour of relaxation – me lying on a table while my aesthetician expertly cares for my face. I have yet to be disappointed with my results.