Sexy Earlobe Advice from Beauty Expert

Grab your mirror, check your earlobes. Are you happy with what you see?

Jackie Silver, Beauty & AntiAging Expert, says this about earlobes:  “Wear light earrings that don’t pull down the lobes. Limit the amount of time you wear them and never sleep in earrings. Moisturize your earlobes like you would your face!

My nieces, Stephanie & Rachel of RJ’s Salon & Spa in Edmond, OK,  introduced me to a most amazing product called Lobe Wonder. Maybe you’ve heard of it as it is a must have for your earlobe adornments, especially if you love wearing the chandelier earrings that tend to be somewhat heavy for your lobes. Find them at

I wish I would have know about this product early on because when I fell in love with a gorgeous pair of studs that didn’t sit right on my lobes because they drooped, I decided not to make the purchase. Guess I’ll have to go back to San Francisco to Paris Jewelers with my LobeWonder’s in hand.