Age Reversal writer, David Kekich of, wrote an article entitled, “You Are a Million Dollar Racehorse” that sparked my attention. His advice? Think of yourself as that prized animal. Here’s a snippet of what he wrote:  You wouldn’t shove fast food down it’s throat. You wouldn’t cause it to have sleep deprivation. You would make sure it gets the best trainers, the best tracks, and the best everything. That includes you making sure it got the best medical attention possible. You would take care of that Million Dollar Racehorse, because it needs to win races to make you money. So, YOU are that Million Dollar Racehorse. If you treat yourself any other way, you are likely messing yourself up.”

The smidgens add up. Our dietary habits – packaged foods, alcohol, drugs of every kind, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress and smoking are all culprits that can mess you up long-term. Oh sure, having a “miss” once in a while won’t kill you but what about five, ten, even fifteen years of “misses?”

More and more women and men are using muscle paralyzing interventions along with plumping injections to contour their faces. What happens when they allow a toxin or an untested serum to be used in their bodies for years and years? No one knows. Be smart…think logically.