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7 Ways to Winterize Your Skin

winterize your skin

  The cold winter months can be absolutely devastating to your skin! Here are 7 tips to winterize your skin. 1)      Dry brush regularly. Dead skin can easily accumulate under black sheer stockings and ankle length slacks. Even your upper arms can develop little bumps indicating that exfoliation is needed. Start at your feet and brush…

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Changing the Face of Beauty

changing the face of beauty

Changing the face of beauty. Not long ago, in the previous century/millennium, women and men aged gracefully. They proudly accepted the fate of their faces; no one was bothered by wrinkles, crevices or even gray hair. The flower children are surely to blame. Those hippies of yesteryear firmly believed that they would always look like…

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3 Steps to Radiant Skin

3 steps to radiant skin

My top 3 steps to radiant skin? Exfoliate, nourish and protect! Exfoliation will remove dead, gray skin cells from your face so that your skin care items actually work. Regular, gentle exfoliation is key and that’s why I use our Hydra Gel Cleanser with 3% AHA when I cleanse my face at night. This highly…

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Is Exfoliation Necessary?

is exfoliation necessary

Using exfoliation products can help your skincare products penetrate up to 20% better. Yikes! Some of you have been wasting money and suffering disappointment thinking your skincare regimen isn’t working satisfactorily. It’s true – by not thoroughly exfoliating dead, gray, skin cells that accumulate in layers your skincare results can be diminished. Fall is coming…

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Go for glow! How to Use Vitamin C Serum

how to use vitamin c serum

Vitamin C Serum lightens and brightens your complexion, returning a youthful glow. It stimulates the production of collagen. Acne scars seem to melt when you use this most amazing  and potent product. We use .75% Ascorbic Acid (this is Active Vitamin C) in the form of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phospate. These properties stimulate skin cell regeneration,…

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Better Than A 56 Year Old Sports Illustrated Model

Better than sports illustrated model

This 56-year-old Woman is Aging Backwards! The internet is flooded with the story of the “oldest woman to ever star in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition” – 56-year-old Nicola Griffin. The latest article features a recent photo shoot of Griffin, complete with her natural freckles, wrinkles and grey hair. “When you get to 56 you don’t…

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How Your Face Ages in Your 30’s

pretty woman with skin micro close-ups

Admit it. You love to be carded at the grocery store or at a restaurant. It makes us feel younger, even though we could be an investigator from the Liquor Control Board and the person who didn’t ask, would be fired. I ignore that! Please card me!  Finding out how your face ages in your 30’s…

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How to Contour a Sagging Face

how to fix a saggy face

MEET A SUPER FAN You want to meet the super fan who turned into a business partner because she was so enamored by how to contour a saggy face using Cynthia Rowland’s Facial Magic System? Jackie Silver was a stalker … … well a stalker/lover of Facial Magic.  She was not a believer at first…

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What are Peptides and How Do I Use Them?

skin care and peptides

WHAT ARE PEPTIDES? I will always say yes to talking about skin care and peptides. What is it that makes young skin appear so firm, taut and smooth? The answer is Collagen, the structural protein found in the connective tissues of the body. Collagen, which makes up 75% of the skin, is crucial for the appearance…

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Face Shaving: The Japanese Beauty Trick You Need To Try

Dermaplaning is one of my favorite steps of a facial. My face is instantly smoother and the process makes my skin feel buttery soft. Most women I know have an issue with soft, downy hair on their faces and dermaplaning whisks it away without so much as an “ouch” factor. I have seen and used…

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Another Great Facial Magic Testimonial

Yet another testimonial proving how effective Facial Magic is! “Cynthia, I have a confession to make, I would tell everyone about how great facial magic was but I hadn’t really done them much in the last 10 years. On November 9th 2014 I made a video of my face and really took a hard look.…

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The Secret of Happiness for Over-50s?

Read about it at the Daily Mail. I like Linda Kelsey’s attitude – “…don’t become invisible!” I agree. For the past 25 years I’ve heard women say that they became invisible to the opposite sex and when I hear from them it’s usually a result of a sagging face that creates a loss of confidence.…

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Face Gone Weird Syndrome: It’s Not Just Renee

Plastic surgery victims may not always be recognized by their peers. Once the cuts and sutures have been made, your once God-given recognizable face is gone forever. It’s not just celebs who suffer from this syndrome of “face-gone-weird”; everyday women can have the same experience as eyelids are cut, foreheads unnaturally stretched and pulled while…

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Bones Don’t Sag but Facial Muscles Do!

 Ever wonder what happened to those radiant apples that you used to see in your cheeks? Have they begun a downward slide and now your smile doesn’t look as appealing as it was some years ago? If so, please understand that your bones are not sagging but your facial muscles are. Facial muscles connect on…

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The Secret to Health and Glowing Skin is Drinking VINEGAR

Want healthy, glowing skin? Try drinking two tablespoons of vinegar each day but just not any vinegar will do – you’ll want to have Braggs Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother” included. A concoction of two tablespoons ACV, a dash of sweetness from Stevia, a squeeze of lemon in one-half cup of…

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Is PAPER make-up the next big thing in beauty?

Paper makeup? The beauty industry is forever evolving and makeup application has been updated with paper sheets of blush and foundation that resemble post-it-notes. I believe they might work great for touch-ups during the day or evening. Let me know if you try them. Read about it at the Daily Mail.

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