Rediscover Your Youthful Face

Your Facial Magic experience begins now. Here is the kit that will help you look better than you have in years. You can look years younger and we'll show you how. Exercise is natural. Let me help you create a new face in just 9 to 12 weeks!

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How does Facial Magic Exercise work?
Facial Magic is a comprehensive exercise program that goes much deeper than just skin care. Just as exercise shapes and contours the body, exercise for the face can shape and contour the face. What happens when specific exercises are used for the face? The muscles become stronger and the skin becomes resilient. The user looks refreshed because the droopy skin has been revitalized. Resistance exercise has proven to tone and lift the muscles in your body. Facial muscles are no different. They, too, firm and lift with exercise. The nine-week program introduces two easy-to-perform exercises per week that target fifteen areas of the face and neck. This highly effective program will improve your upper eyelids, your brows, your upper cheeks and double chin, jaw line, turkey neck, wattle, vertical forehead lines and much, much more. Facial Magic works quickly and it offers you a natural way to deal with droopy facial muscles. This unique exercise program will teach you how to restore the youthful vitality to your face for a lifetime.
Is Facial Magic safe?

Facial Magic is 100% safe - exercise is natural. Many physicians endorse our products and user testimonials praise the efficacy of the Facial Magic system.

Worldwide over a million people have enjoyed the benefits of the Facial Magic program. Learning the program is easy and the results are evident almost immediately. 

How is Facial Magic different than other face exerice programs?

Many other systems either do not work or they actually damage your face. Facial Magic is outstanding because the exercises easily lift and contour your face with special anchoring techniques performed with white cotton gloves. These exercises target the atrophied muscles quickly and results are usually seen immediately. As muscles become stronger, the results last longer and longer.

Facial Magic works for everyone! It is safe, fast and a more effective way to look 10-15 years younger without surgery, injections, or electrical devices. You will love how your face lifts and firms.

How much time time does it take to do the exerises?
Facial Magic teaches you two exercises per week. Your first week the exercises take less than two minutes. There are 18 exercises. Each movement is held for a total of 35 seconds. To do all 18 exercises, once you get the swing of things, is less than 30 minutes. You only need to exercise your face 3 times a week to maintain your desired results.
Are the results permanent?

Yes, as long as you are faithful to the exercise regime, your results will be long lasting.

After you have achieved the results you are happy with, you only need to exercise 3 times a week.