Five Surprising Factors That Speed Up Aging


Five Surprising Factors That Speed Up Aging

1. DRIVING Car windows don’t block UVA rays, which is why drivers end up with more sun damage on their left cheeks. If you live in a sunny locale or have a long commute, use an SPF 30 or higher for daily use.

2. RUNNING Bouncing up and down makes skin sag faster, so runners should start using firming peptides at an earlier age.

3. SLEEPING “I can usually tell what side a patient sleeps on when I look at her face,” reveals Oakland, CA, dermatologist Dr. Katie Rodan. “The wrinkles will be more compressed, and they might have an unnatural line next to their nose from the pressure.” She recommends Therapeutica pillows, which cradle your head in bed so you can sleep faceup.

4. DIETING A recent Case Western University study of 186 sets of identical twins found that after age 40, the heavier twin looks younger than her slimmer sister. And if you’re overexercising, the body may metabolize sugar-based hyaluronic acid fillers (like Restylane or Juvederm) faster, which means more costly touch-ups.

5. PLASTIC SURGERY An artificially tight face can make you actually look older. Also, scar tissue doesn’t age as well as regular skin because it’s less elastic and prone to discoloration, warns New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk. Prevent old scars from becoming more obvious by massaging in a scar-treatment gel like ederma.

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